Would you agree that microsoft is a dodgy company?

Answer This is the most bullshit question I've ever heard. . . And saying that Bill Gates lies his guts out is a little too far. If you really want to talk about people lying their guts out, lets talk ab... Read More »

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Would you agree that a snake is more ethical than a human that eats McDonnalds due to the fact that snakes eat?

Why snakes? A natural ancient reptile that is coded soley for survival vs abominations of nature eating at one of the most wasteful destructive corporations....

Would you agree that R&P is the most interesting section?

politics is...interesting too.but we seem to have more folks here that..."make names for themselves" than most other sections playing:in my time of dying - led zeppelin

How many of you would agree that a "hot dog is a good source of protein"?

Maybe if I had absolutely no other source of protein available, I'd eat a hot dog, but other than that, I can think of much better sources of protein than a hot dog.Cheers,MM

Would you not agree that Drake and Josh was the coolest show on Nickelodeon?

i used to love it too , in fact , i started watching nick because of drake and josh !