Would you agree that microsoft is a dodgy company?

Answer This is the most bullshit question I've ever heard. . . And saying that Bill Gates lies his guts out is a little too far. If you really want to talk about people lying their guts out, lets talk ab... Read More »

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Linux Vs Windows by Microsoft - Do you agree with Mircosoft?

Tried Linux - was not impressed - gone back to windows

I'm really pissed off at microsoft for not informing the public about the free upgrafe to windoes 7, agree?

They DID inform the public. I've been seeing the signs and advertisements for the free Windows 7 upgrade program for months now.But just like any program, it has to start sometime... if they had a... Read More »

Agree or Disagree A lot of digital cameras are made to break easily so the company can sell more?

Cameras have always been delicate instruments.They are supposed to be handled with care.There are some P&S cameras that can be abused, but they cost more. They are waterproof, shock proof and dust... Read More »

If no aggregate amount is stated on an umbrella policy of years ago is there one Policy states 5mill per occurrence nothing else company says aggregate is 5 mill I cant agree Any recourse?

file with your insurance company and they will deal with your neighbors insurance policy.