Would vegetarians have less problem eating an animal that would eat them?

Answer I reject to eating shark fin soup as much as I reject to eating rabbit stew.Interesting question.

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I have blue-greenish what would be a good eye shadow to wear that would make them stand out more?

Directv single LNB antenna you have 2 receivers with different accounts you would like to hook them both to a splitter so that you could choose which one would control the satellite?

You don't control the satellite by the receiver in your home. The satellite is controlled by a the satellite operator which sends telemetry commands up to the satellite using a large dish antenna. ... Read More »

If God wanted us to be vegetarians, would he have created a vegetable that tastes like bacon?

If you're going to make the whole "Gods Intention" argument... may I point out the fact that........The entire world as "god" created it was vegan from the get-go. Animals did not eat one another (... Read More »

Vegans/vegetarians...what would all the farm animals do/go if we all stoped eating meat?

As go the farmers so goes America. Some people can't deal with the fact that they're at the top of the food chain. Deal with it! The animals would become a public nuisance that is what would hap... Read More »