Would using the computer with dimmer monitor brightness help save power?

Answer Yes when u decrese the brightness and contrast the power consumption level of the monitor goes down, however the power consumption of a Computer also depends upon the usage of the computer, the hig... Read More »

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Computer monitor says "No Input Signal" and goes to power save?

The posbilites are:-# Loose cable, or bent pins on cable.# Loose video card.# burnt out power for the video card chip on mainboard (smells bad).# Video card is dead.The most common cause of this pr... Read More »

How do I fix the brightness of my computer monitor?

You may be able to set it with your video card.Right click on your desktop,click settings,then advanced.It should be there somewhere if it's available.

How to Enter Power Save Mode in a Monitor?

Power save mode allows you to conserve power when your computer is not in use. It is ideal for preserving the life of your computer as well as saving on energy. Preserving the power of your monitor... Read More »

Dell monitor stuck in 'Power Save Mode' How do i get out?

I have had this issue I called Dell, and they told me to hold down the Fn and F8 keys, and it worked fine for me.