Would using a gun shooting a TV really change a channel or turn the TV off?

Answer If your aim is perfect and you can hit the channel up or down button only, you might change the channel; but it will be the last time you ever change the channel...

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What date does the new series of shooting stars start and on which television channel?

This show and I love money 3 are not resuming, the winner unfourtunetly Ryan Jenkins, who killed his wife. He was also found dead. God bless the victim, and the victims family.

How to Turn Auto Focus off with Video Shooting on a Cannon Rebel t4i?

dSLRs (like your T4i) and other still image capture devices that happen to capture video as a secondary "convenience feature" should not be used as camcorders. This does not mean they cannot captur... Read More »

What was so bad about BM in Sweet Life of Zach and Cody the shooting star episode where they turn into superheroes?

probabaly some retarded tv show producer who was to lazy to do it himself so he asked his 3 year old to do it

Direct TV When turn on TV with box it will not pull up the local channel that you want It goes to the search in the right hand lower corner You switch to a non-local channel and it connects.?