Would u lift a fat person from the floor.if it meant you hurting your back.?

Answer NO !! what use would that be? you would end up on the floor with the fat person !!!

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I had a blood test yesterday from my back hand and now my back hand vein is hurting. Why is it hurting?

Whenever you have a needle stuck into a vein there is a degree of bruising. You may feel some discomfort for a few days but it will go. I have both given blood and also been cannulated many times a... Read More »

Would you turn your back on this one person or the whole gym?

The gym is a place to train!! Don't bother being overly social until you're workout is complete. People get used to this.

Who would be the worst person to be trapped in a lift with?

Worst:David& Victoria Beckham, they've the most boring voices ever!!!Jeremy Clarkson: annoying!!!Naomi Campbell: Scary!!!Jade Goody: annoying!!!Barry Scott: enough said!!!Best:Kiefer SutherlandDavi... Read More »

If a person got out of the US Navy with an Honorable dicharge after four years would the person be allowed to go back in?