Would two 8-inch cakes be enough to feed 40 people?

Answer Mathematically if each person gets a 2x2 piece of cake(if were talking square not circular) then you would need 2 8x8s and 1 4x4( or eqivilant)If you are talking a round 8 inch cake, and you cut th... Read More »

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Will two 1.5-inch PVC pipes into a 2-inch PVC pipe flow as much water as 2-inch PVC into your pool pump and what would be the max gpm the pump could draw and would you need three 1.5-inch pipes?

Answer I'm no pool expert but I can do the basic maths. I'd presume the limiting factor on how much water will pass through a pipe is its cross sectional area, and that these are circular pipes. If... Read More »

Should i storm the stage at the Spice Girls gig and force feed posh cream cakes?

Is a 20 inch HDTV big enough to play a PS3 on ?

GET THAT 20" HDTV it will be worth it especially if you have the HD PS3 will look 6times better!i have a 32" HDTV but 20 will also look good

Is a 24 inch monitor good enough for me in my room?

No, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being with anything less than 30 inches.