Would to do my daughters fathers girlfriend had child removed from custody?

Answer depends on what you consider a spanking. A smack on the butt wont get you thrown in jail , a smack in the face might

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Can a child be removed from custodial parents home at a preliminary hearing for reversal of child custody?

Only if there are grounds for concern for the safety of the child, or that the parent will run.

FATHERS: If sex wasn't the cause of pregnancy, would you care if you're daughters had it?

My husband says: Of course! Sex is about respecting your body and loving your partner and yourself. Sex is for an adult relationship or a marriage. It's not a hand out, or a way to make yourself fe... Read More »

Child Custody Tips for Fathers?

Fathers fighting for custody of their children may feel in an uphill battle. With so many perceived advantages for the mother in the court system, fathers can easily feel like there is no way to wi... Read More »

Child Custody Laws for Unmarried Fathers in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, the mother legally retains sole custody of any child born out of wedlock. This means that an unmarried father has no automatic custody rights to his child. However, once he establishes... Read More »