Would this upset you?

Answer Hello Matt, long time no see.Your story doesn't really ring true, and as you've often posted on V&V before claiming that vegetarians eat chicken and fish and vegans eat seafood it shouldn't be take... Read More »

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Moms would this upset you?

WOW.. I am so sorry. I really don't know what to say except for cheer up & have a wonderful time with your husband & baby, forget everybody else :)

My 10yr has started calling me Karen instead of mom. Would you be upset if your child did this?

Would you be upset if your child saw this video clip from Sesame Street of breastfeeding on TV?

I think it's fantastic, and wish they would re-air it!!! :)I mean, come on, we cannot pretend formula feeding is natural. It's necessary sometimes, yes. But it's a man-made food, while breastfee... Read More »

Is it ok to be upset over this...........?

If they are large women they could just be jealous...??....But I wouldnt let it upset me if I was you. I'm sure they ment no harm and really its not going to change your life one way or another is ... Read More »