Would this make you uncomfortable Guys & Girls!?

Answer I'm female. Women should not be ashamed of their periods. Its not dirty or gross. I dont know why its such a hush hush thing. If Im pmsing and my guy friends are around and I feel they should know ... Read More »

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Do guys like girls that wear MAKE-UP?

Why do some girls and guys make fun of heavy set people ?

because they think its funny that the people are over weight and they are fortunate to not be fat, and try to make themselves feel better by t putting down other people.

Girls and guys heres a question for you about make up.?

Not all guys are beautiful, I find it hard to find a beautiful natural guy, just like how it's hard to find a beautiful natural girl

Girls, don't you feel uncomfortable in short shorts or a bikini?

I never wear shorts or bikini. only when i go on holiday, as i find that too many people look at you. or it might just be me but i feel like everyone is looking at me if i wear shorts and things. (... Read More »