Would this make you uncomfortable Guys & Girls!?

Answer I'm female. Women should not be ashamed of their periods. Its not dirty or gross. I dont know why its such a hush hush thing. If Im pmsing and my guy friends are around and I feel they should know ... Read More »

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Guys&&Girls- do you find this annoying?

The over posting of pictures doesn't annoy me anywhere near as much as a long run-on paragraph of misspelled words and poor grammar, bitching about what people do on facebook of all places. If you ... Read More »

So girls.....are you the same as guys in this respect?

No, it's a vagina and they're all different. Vaginas are kind of personal.

Do guys like this body structure on girls....?

A**>boobs in my opinion lol plus b cups arent even small..their normalcall me ;D jk lol

Take this super-duper fun poll for both guys & girls!?

1. What's your nickname?Shakira XD (long story, haha). This one girl calls me Manders.2. What's your favorite color?Dark green.3. What's your favorite animal?Dog4. How old are you? [Answer only if ... Read More »