Would this make my hair grow Please help.?

Answer I don't know. But there is this vitamin called biotin and you can get it really cheap at walmart for like three dollars per bottle and you get 150 pills so it should last for 2 months. Anywho... i... Read More »

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Um, how would I ask my mom this Please help.?

I'm the same way I am also thirteen years old and I asked my mom about three years ago and I was scared just like you but I just asked her. She wasn't mad at all. Ur mom shouldn't be either what's ... Read More »

How can I grow my hair please help!!!!its up to my chin!!!?

get prenatal vitamins! seriously, go to any grocery store and grab them up! they make your hair and nails grow stronger and faster than ever beforeI was knocked up-was on prenatals and was like hol... Read More »

Sunflowers please help out I grow them every year without a problem but this?

Make up a spray of crushed garlic and water. Strain out the garlic and put it in a spray bottle and give everything a good spray!!

Will this help my hair grow 10 pts ?

Shampoos today never fail to advertise vitamins in their products. They claim that vitamins will make your hair “shiny and healthy” much like they can do to skin. But the truth is that vitamins... Read More »