Would this make a good smoothie?

Answer Sounds good to me, usually smoothies always taste good regardless of ingredients. Try adding in some vegetables in there too!!

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Is this a Good Vegan Smoothie?

I think that sounds awesome. I would add lemon juice to balance the bitter kale but overall that sounds really great. Maybe add another veggie or two?

Does this sound like a good smoothie to you?

Yes.You know what works even better?Cut the banana into slices and freeze it.Then when you put it and the other ingredients into the blender, it comes out much thicker and creamier.

I'm going to make a smoothie would you like one and what do you want in it?

Ohhhhhhhh well if you are going to make me a smoothie could I have strawberries, oranges and mango's and if your feeling really generous a shot of Bacardi

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