Would this lip color look good?

Answer Yes, I think it would. Its a beautiful color. =)

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What color looks good with the color coral?

When accessorizing a room, colors can be bright and sharp, the patterns dramatic with strong visual impact. Alternately, you might choose to use paler tones, the images also muted and subtle, givin... Read More »

What is the color of ur car or ur friends and do you think it looks good the color that it is?

My car is silver, my van is blue, and my friends come in variety of colors, though none are silver or blue. They are usually white, black, red, or yellow.Just kidding about the friends thing. I l... Read More »

What is a good color?

black and white or rainbow color or green

What color is good to use?

A Light neutral color will really make the place bigger... avoid dark colors. If you think a light neutral color is boring, you can always accent the room with bright beuatiful paintings or bright... Read More »