Would this equation help me find the volume of a sphere in C++?

Answer Here you go. it doesn't matter if you have a compiler, you just need an internet connection and a browser.

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How to Complete the Square to Find the Equation of a Sphere?

Finding the equation of a circle can be done in several different ways. Using the complete square method will require some rewriting of the standard sphere equation format (ax^2 + by^2 + cz^2 dx + ... Read More »

What is the formula to find the volume of a sphere?

The formula for the volume of the sphere is (4/3)(pi)R^3, where pi can be rounded to 3.14 and R represents the radius of the sphere. The radius is the distance from the center of the circle to the ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Volume of a Sphere?

Stuck on calculating the volume of a sphere? Here's how to do it.

How to Maximize the Volume of a Sphere Within a Cone?

The three types of centers of a triangle are its' incenter, circumcenter, and centroid. All three have different uses. The incenter of the triangle is the center of its' incircle, the largest circl... Read More »