Would this cause a concussion?

Answer Honestly if you've had concussions before and one hasn't healed yet, something small could cause a concussion. My friend got a concussion from hitting her head on her way into her car. If you have ... Read More »

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Would a 3gb pic cause this?

Do you really need such a large file? You need to think ahead if the dimensions ever surpass 10000 pixels in either direction. At such sizes, adding layers will cause Photoshop to multiply its memo... Read More »

Would this cause a?

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If you are hit in the side of the nose can it cause a concussion?

It doesn't seem likely. The nose is not a bony processes, so a sideways blow that hits only cartilage is unlikley to move the skull hard enough to acctually concuss.If the bony parts of the skull w... Read More »

Can a concussion cause a blood clot?

On One Hand: Concussions and Blood Can Be ConnectedWhen someone hits his head, the injury may cause a concussion, blood clots or both. According to Neurosurgery Today's Patient Education Materials... Read More »