Would this be illegal or legal?

Answer its your brothers stuffit wouldnt be so badif it was a strangers stuff then yesit can be illegaland mostly if he or she works with cia or government

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Would it be legal to use limewire in this situation?

nope, still not legal. do it any way though.really nothing is going to happen to you

Is this legal I would love to play them at their own game....?

After removing your name and address rip the paper into tiny pieces,Fill the envelope and post it back to them,Pity the poor person that opens it,Instant confetti.

Is the irs illegal or legal?

No, It is 100% illegal and 80 years ago the 40 states did not legalize it. S.N.A.F.U...get it.Did you ever hear of the 16th Amendment?

Your condo association told a potential buyer of your unit he would be denied occupancy by the board as he is a convicted felon Is this legal?

Discrimination against 'felons' is a tender subject. There is no uniform answer. In some states, felons who have served their terms may not receive student loans, may not vote, may not receive wel... Read More »