Would this be illegal or legal?

Answer its your brothers stuffit wouldnt be so badif it was a strangers stuff then yesit can be illegaland mostly if he or she works with cia or government

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Is the irs illegal or legal?

No, It is 100% illegal and 80 years ago the 40 states did not legalize it. S.N.A.F.U...get it.Did you ever hear of the 16th Amendment?

Is Limewire legal or illegal?

Limewire itself is not illegal, but it can be used in both legal ways and illegal ways. There is a lot of material that is either in the public domain, or the copyright owner allows re-distributio... Read More »

Legal or illegal please answer.?

Limewire is legal, using it to download copyrighted stuff like music and films with it is illegal.

Is LimeWire Pro legal or illegal?

According to LimeWire's official copyright information, LimeWire Pro and its free counterpart LimeWire Basic are both legal software. However, it is illegal to use these software programs to share ... Read More »