Would this be able to run arma 2?

Answer It would seem so , it has a good graphics card/chip and is very powerfull , If your buying a computer just for the game then I would ask the seller for more advanced information which you could the... Read More »

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Would I be able to use this CPU cooler with this case?

Would this Gpu be able to play games?

It will decently on medium settings. But you also got to tell us your CPU and how much RAM do you have?

Would I be able to use a song by this artist for the Radio?

You definitely do not have the right to use this material. Your additional details do not change anything.

Can this run arma 2 on high settings?

the 8400gs is horrible,it's worse than integrated graphics,literally I've tested this.when playing games at 1280x720 on the 8400gs I get barely 20fps at low settings.when playing on hd 3000 at 1680... Read More »