Would this be a good idea for a tattoo (first)?

Answer sounds good

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Is this a good idea for a tattoo?

If your looking to remember him, I suggest a fun painting portrait of both of you. It is probably more cost effective than a tattoo and something you won't have printed on your body for the rest of... Read More »

Is this tattoo a good idea ?

Well...If you really want to, I wouldn't say no, but give careful thought about where you would place it on. I know it's not those crazy big tattoos, but my old math teacher had a tattoo of three d... Read More »

What is a good tattoo idea for my right foot?

i love the star idea, or like a rain drop so it looks like it's splashing on your foot i think that would look cute and you could add to that as your family grows

Is getting a tattoo in another language a good idea?

I think tatoos in other languages show imagination, charactor and creativity.A lot of celebrities have tatoos in other languages..M.Pokora (French) has "Only God can judge Me" and David Beckham has... Read More »