Would this actually work?

Answer IF you get caught doing that it is considered shop lifting .... beer generally costs far more than soda. You could be arrested for buying alcohol under age & shop liftting.

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Yes star67 is for blocking your name and number off their caller id, however, if you do it and hang right up, your info will appear.and also be warned, even though your blocking it by using star67,... Read More »

Does this actually work?

The treatments in a salon are not the same as the conditioner you have at home. TBH it would be a pointless exercise doing it at home as most home conditioners are designed to sit on the external p... Read More »

Does the permadent straigtening that you would get done at a hairdresser actually work?

I got my hair japanese straightened & it was expensive but it worked really good! & it lasted for 4 months! It was amazing. I didnt have creases in my hair or anything. I definitely recommend it. R... Read More »

Would this police/ems/fire scanner work for this area in NC?

Lincoln County and the city of Lincolnton do use analog frequencies. So , the BC72XLT will work. I did notice that Lincoln County has channels on the digital radio system that the state of North Ca... Read More »