Would this PC run bf3 on ultra with decent fps?

Answer NOOO its a good computer but you would need a much btter graphics card, the gt 610 is the absolute cheapest nvidia graphics card you can buy. For bf3 on ultra at 1920x1080 with decent fps youll nee... Read More »

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I need a decent gaming computer but I'm on an ultra low budget. What can I get for under £300?

not for 300 401 is more realistic ( ask to see if it has a os preinstalled it should dothis will play on medium settings most games do not push past that…

Difference btwn one touch ultra mini and ultra 2?

go to the website and compare the 2 meters! Ultra 2 is larger than the mini but that is all I think. I just got the Vario. the only thing I don't like about it is the time it takes to turn off! It ... Read More »

How many Ultra are there in Ultra History?

A lot of them. Almost 30 and above of Ultras. They are... Ultraman KingUltraman Father/Father of UltraUltraman Mother/Mother of UltraUltraman Zoffy/ZoffyUltramanUltra SevenUltraman Jack/New Ultrama... Read More »

What is the difference between the ab lounge ultra and ab lounge ultra sport?

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