Would the world be a better place if everyone observed Teabag Tuesday?

Answer Yes. I'm a generous, giving person (if you know what I mean).Sure. But let's make it my place. I swear the Green Bastard gets jealous.

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When is a teabag done?

I'd Just let it sit for 3 mins then strain the bag

How to Teabag Someone in Halo 3?

Teabagging in Halo 3 is a way to rub in victory in Halo 3. Teabagging can get you booted, so don't do it all the time in Halo 3.

How to Teabag in Halo 3?

In Halo 3, 'teabagging' is a form of bragging used to humiliate other players you have killed in multiplayer. Despite its nature as being a frowned upon practice, teabagging can be fun between frie... Read More »

Will I get more out of my teabag if I take the bag out and put it in a new cup of hot water?

The first cup of tea you make will be stronger, and any additional cups you make will become increasingly weaker. However, you can still definitely make a second cup with your tea bag to make the b... Read More »