Would the marriage between a Cannibal and a Vegetarian be able to work?

Answer i dont think a marriage between a cannibal and anyone would work. youre not a cannibal are you?

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Would you become a cannibal to stay alive ?

hmm i think anyone would if that was the only way to stay alive

Wisdom teeth removed today ... Would I be able to go back to work Monday?

It really depends on your pain level,but honestly I would wait until Tuesday to be on the safe is like a minor surgery and air and talking wont help.

Would i be able to work at ihop with working papers from the school?

There's only one way to find out, call the individual IHOP you wish to work at, my hunch is no, because they are the busiest at Breakfast.--

'yeah you're not a vegetarian''..i don't think it's gona work out between us..?

I am vegan and I would never say something like that. Out of all the guys I've dated only one was a vegetarian.