Would the dentist be able to tell that I am an occasional smoker *10 points?

Answer Yes. There are others indicators than teeth coloration that indicate that you smoke. Your breath, no matter how much you smoke, or how much you brush will give you away. So will your tongue, tonsil... Read More »

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What are the Health Risk of being an occasional Cigar Smoker?

Smoking 1 to 3 cigars a month has little health risks for you. Nothing to worry about.

I have a dentist appt tommrow so the dentist can go through the treatment plan for braces?

The dentist/orthodontist reappoints the patient for the treatment plan, provided that all diagnostic materials are present(cast impressions, panoramic and cephalometric x-rays, photographs) because... Read More »

How do u concore your fear of dentist and how long since youve been to the dentist?

go to a sedation dentist..................he will give you good drugs beforehand

How to get rid of the occasional spots?