Would the dentist be able to tell that I am an occasional smoker *10 points?

Answer Yes. There are others indicators than teeth coloration that indicate that you smoke. Your breath, no matter how much you smoke, or how much you brush will give you away. So will your tongue, tonsil... Read More »

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depends on what you want, where you're located and how much exactly you're willing to spend on accessorizing the you go, as a general set of things to consider:01. format: do you want a ... Read More »

If i dip for like a month will my dentist be able to tell?

What do you mean by dip? If you mean teeth whitening then I'm sure your dentist would be able to tell. But seriously, what does dip mean in this case?

Will a dentist be able to tell if your bulimic?

NoThe only thing that could throw them off (generally) is the smell of your breathBut if you throat is too freshly raw they might ask you if you've been sick recentlyShouldn't be an issue though

What are the Health Risk of being an occasional Cigar Smoker?

Smoking 1 to 3 cigars a month has little health risks for you. Nothing to worry about.