Would taking a tylenol help with a stinging/itching sunburn?

Answer Hi Brandon,Sounds sore.You need to get the heat out of the burn if you know what I mean. Take very long showers as cold as you can stand. Start out with cool water, then make it gradually colder so... Read More »

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Can i take an ibuprofen after taking Tylenol?

Should be OK. But don't take ibuprofen with asprin, they're very similar drugs, so taking both is like an overdoes. Tylenol is different though.

Can a child take Tylenol while taking a antibiotic?

Usually, yes. Check with your pharmacist or your physician to be certain, but one of the reasons Tylenol is so popular, is that it has very few drug interactions.

Is itchiness a side effect from taking Tylenol 3s?

Why are you taking tylenol 3 before your surgery?? Is it due to impaction pain?? Anyway yes itchiness is a side effect of many narcotics..I am severly allergic to codeine and I had the same reactio... Read More »

Will taking 8 extra strength tylenol hurt you?

Nah, you'll just get a really bad headache (instead of relief), maybe a panic attack/anxiety attack if you listen to all the bullshit people here will tell you. And the worst part is the stomach a... Read More »