Would someone please talk some sense into my brain damaged friend!?

Answer LMAOshe's a DRAMA QUEENignore her.....and don't get involved in her drama. She's doing it for attention---she sees how worried you are and she's feeding off it.don't be naive

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Can someone please make health insurance that makes sense?

i agree! insurance by itself of ALL kinds, is another form of "forced taxation. either insurance Pays for "everything" or we do not make ANY of it mandatory. so many times ive seen people get rejec... Read More »

Please Pray for My friend She has a blood clot in her brain.?

Will do. God bless you and your friend. I'm praying now.

Would you give a nice comment to my friend Samantha who has brain cancer...?

I left a comment and requested to be added to her friends list. I also have an internet friend named Samantha that has brain cancer. I will star this so she will get it.

Would You Die If Someone Threw A Lamp Into The BathTub While Someone Is In There?

You're a Dick, and a troll. enough said here.