Would someone please talk some sense into my brain damaged friend!?

Answer LMAOshe's a DRAMA QUEENignore her.....and don't get involved in her drama. She's doing it for attention---she sees how worried you are and she's feeding off it.don't be naive

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Is the brain damaged by trauma?

According to Mayo Clinic, trauma to the brain can result in a multitude of problems, depending on the severity of the injury. Usually the trauma is caused by a very strong, sudden hit to the head o... Read More »

Stimulation Tools for Brain-Damaged Kids?

A child with a traumatic brain injury can present serious challenges to parents trying to cope with their child's special needs and treatment. Tools are available to assist parents and medical prof... Read More »

What can be the results to a 8 months baby found with part of brain been damaged?

Im afraid my friend has a brain tumor?

Alexander, it is still you anxiety, it is just being directed at another person instead of yourself. You did well to send her to a doctor. You do not do well when you try to diagnose her yourself... Read More »