Would someone buy my clarisonic mia if i only used it a couple times?

Answer ebay! the price depends on the condition of your clarisonic.

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I ate a chip and it cut the cornor of my lips and I picked at it a couple of times?

If you are talking about your actual lip, then it most likely will not scar. The skin will just grow back. If its your face next to your lip, it could. But how about stop picking your lip?

What's a good hdmi cable that won't break after unplugging a couple times ?

You should really not be unplugging and replugging HDMI cables. Not just because they break, but over time the HDMI input on your tv gets damaged and won't work at all. Buy an HDMI switch, not sp... Read More »

In earlier episodes of Criminal Minds why did Ellie call Gideon DAD a couple of times?

It's a joke among the team. Hotch is Mom, Gideon is dad. In the newer episodes Rossi is Dad.

I left my bourbon whiskey on the stove a couple times while cooking and it got quite hot. Is my liquor ruined?

Not if the bottle was fully closed and the alcohol didn't evaporate out.