Would silica gel safe store along with electronic equipment?

Answer get one of those large tupperware boxes (marami sa SM), if budget permits get a Lock&Load box..and brand new dessicants (silica gel) would be sufficient enough to safely store your precious camera ... Read More »

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How to Protect Electronic Equipment with Surge Protectors?

Protecting electronic equipment can be very important to protect investments in televisions, computers and many other expensive items. Most people don't realize it is quite simple.

What do you do with your electronic equipment when it is determined no longer fixable?

contact your local recycling center by phone or on the web and ask them what to do

Is silica gel safe to eat?

Silica gel is not safe to eat. Ingestion can result in nausea and vomiting. The gel absorbs moisture, and its use is in packaging of food and medications. If the gel absorbs any medication, you wil... Read More »

Is grapefruit juice safe to drink along with taking vitamin pills?

There's a variety of medications that can be affected by grapefruit juice. I believe it actually causes the medication to stay in your system longer, and can increase the potency of certain medica... Read More »