Would silica gel safe store along with electronic equipment?

Answer get one of those large tupperware boxes (marami sa SM), if budget permits get a Lock&Load box..and brand new dessicants (silica gel) would be sufficient enough to safely store your precious camera ... Read More »

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Is silica gel safe to eat?

Silica gel is not safe to eat. Ingestion can result in nausea and vomiting. The gel absorbs moisture, and its use is in packaging of food and medications. If the gel absorbs any medication, you wil... Read More »

Why is gold used in electronic equipment?

Gold is used in electronic equipment because it is easy to work with and can be drawn into thin wires or flat sheets. It does not corrode and conducts electricity better than any other metal. Final... Read More »

Oregon Electronic Equipment Recycling?

Computers and TVs that have broken or become obsolete cannot be discarded in the trash. The components used may be environmentally detrimental, and sometimes the equipment can be reused. In Oregon,... Read More »

What's a electronic equipment that can be used to annoy people?

You may be a victim of infra-sound. Infra-sound is below the human hearing range but is readily felt by the body. Check out the links below and see if any of the descriptions match your sensations.... Read More »