Would sausages spoil if they are left unrefridgerated for around six hours?

Answer DON'T EAT THAT. There is a good chance you'll be OK, but you're 2 hours past what the FDA cites as being at the highest acceptable risk for dangerous bacteria. I know first hand that food poison... Read More »

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Why don`t they put seats around in supermarkets when you have trouble walking around a seat nearby would help?

Things are slowly improving for the elderly and the disabled.However I think the general public needs educating, more than the supermarkets.Our local supermarket, has a till designed and labelled, ... Read More »

I left onion rings out for an hour (Might of been a few hours idk), are they ok to eat?

They will be fine to reheat and eat.Chetak

Would roses survive in a school locker without water for 17 hours or would they shrivel?

wrap the stems in wet paper towel and then put tin foil over it, or you can put them is a vase. They also make little vile things to put on the stem that you put water into.

On iTunes my movies are twice as long, like they were 2 hours now, they are 4 hours?

Depends on where you downloaded the movies from and what apps you are using to play the movies.Some movies come in an extended version, which means they have "extra" things available to view and wo... Read More »