Would protien extract from human feces be vegetarion or vegan since it's not meat?

Answer Vegan. No animal commodification involved.But we need a 'I'm gonna puke' icon on here tho.

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Human Diseases Caused by Cat Feces?

Most diseases are shared within a certain species---cats pass along diseases to other cats and humans infect other humans. But some diseases, known as Zoonotic diseases, can be transmitted from non... Read More »

Why can farmer use cow manure as a fertilizer but not human feces?

I know, right! I'd love to profit from mine and sell it to farmers.

How do you clean human feces on concrete floor?

I feel disgusted after looking at human meat pictures online. Now I refuse to eat meat. Is this wrong?

A vegan (meat and dairy free) diet offers an astounding range of health, environmental and moral benefits.