Would protien extract from human feces be vegetarion or vegan since it's not meat?

Answer Vegan. No animal commodification involved.But we need a 'I'm gonna puke' icon on here tho.

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Meat eaters - would you ever consider a VEGAN Thanksgiving?

Most certainly. I could always eat the other traditional foods some other time. I would ask to refrain from the tofurkey or other fake meats, though, and just serve real foods like legumes, grain... Read More »

Why would someone try to get a vegetarian or vegan to eat meat is it a control thing think they need it?

Many will do that because they have an honest belief that we all need to eat meat and find that hard to accept V&Vs are just as healthy.There will be some who will deliberately wind them up, and th... Read More »

Why would people choose to be veggie/vegan, and then eat a bunch of stuff that is made to mimic meat?

its really because hippies are hypocrites.animals were put on this earth to be eaten, not soy products

Human Diseases Caused by Cat Feces?

Most diseases are shared within a certain species---cats pass along diseases to other cats and humans infect other humans. But some diseases, known as Zoonotic diseases, can be transmitted from non... Read More »