Would non-veg eaters change to vegetarianism on visiting a slaughter house.....?

Answer Yep, if they were very young. I'm a very recent convert - forgive my past sins, I get the point now.They need to be taken through at a very 5 or 6 year old, and at the end of it have a petting farm... Read More »

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Which has been your funniest experience with meat-eaters regarding your vegetarianism?

While out camping with friends and their hyper a_s dog, who was a very cool little dog. They had steaks for all the people there but only dried generic dog food for hyperdog. So I lodge a verbal co... Read More »

Have you ever been to a slaughter house?

OMG no..... I could not... I am so sensitive to violence I am afraid what it would do to me psychologically. Not to worry though, I have seen WAY too much already and I will be vegan for life.

Does karin Slaughter have any family members from Talladega name Slaughter?

What makes an animal okay to slaughter vs. inhumane to slaughter?

Typically people are disgusted at the fur industry because of its very nature, you are killing an animal JUST for fashion. The fur industrys standards of welfare are absolutely dire too, as long as... Read More »