Would my video camera double as a webcam?

Answer I've used mine for that, but then I have video input capabilities on my video card. I'm pretty sure you can access it throught the USB line as well. Never could get rid of the words that appear o... Read More »

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Can my digital camera double as a webcam?

Some cameras have the function to act as a webcam, but others don't. Advanced and brand name cameras usually can't as a webcam, but cheaper and smaller cameras tend to have the webcam function. So ... Read More »

Can i use a regular video camera as a webcam?

Yes you can via USB!!! If you go to the sony support site & look up your model number. The online manual will tell you how to set it up.

How can i use my digital video camera as a webcam?

Assuming you're asking about a camcorder, you'll need a dedicated firewire driver.

How to Turn a Sony Video Camera Into a Webcam?

If you would like to join the millions of other Internet users that engage in live video chat sessions with colleagues, friends and relatives, you will need a web camera capable of streaming live v... Read More »