Would my primary/family doctor know if I went to a walk-in clinic?

Answer Doctor-Patient confidentiality means they aren't going to tell her anything unless she needs to know.However if you find something extraordinary and if you ever plan on seeing your GP (general prac... Read More »

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If you used a Claw hammer and you went to the doctors would the doctor keep ur secret?

If I went to the doctor for bug bites would there be something they could prescribe me for them to go away?

The doctor would probably recommend something anyone can buy to deal with the itching and swelling: Benedryl topical gel.It greatly reduces the itching to a level that's manageable. Nothing will ma... Read More »

Free walk-in clinic for gyn?

You have to pay after and/or take a loan. It can take years to pay back.

You would like to know why you would need to have a sonogram 3 weeks before due date because the doctor thinks the baby is a little small?

Answer The doctors would be wanting to know if the baby is really as small as it seems to be. It is very difficult to tell from the outside. It may show that there is no problem, or it may be able ... Read More »