Would my husband be able to use his laptop in his truck?

Answer yeah he's called wireless internet. he'll have to take it to the dealership to enable it to be that way or get this chip that he can put in the ethernet thingy which makes it wireless cone... Read More »

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If i buy a laptop from the US, would i be able to use it in India ?

u can change the plug system...laptops bought anywhere could be used's not a problem,dude!

Would i be able to someway hack into a verizon iphone 4 that i found and be able to use it?

You need to do a restore on the phone to erase the data on it, then no one will be able to track it, except by serial number, and only by the police if you decided to pawn it or some such stupid t... Read More »

Will you be able to adopt a child if your husband has a misdemeanor on his record?

Answer Yes, as long as the misdemeanor conviction is not in conjuction with issues concerning children.

Your husband and you would like to adopt your friends baby This friend is married but the child does not belong to the husband How do you go about adopting?

Synonyms: apprehension, attention, care, cognizance, concern, consideration, ear, grasp, heed, mark, mind, note, observance, regard, remark, respect, thought, understanding Antonyms: heedlessnes... Read More »