Would my Macbook Pro be safe going through an airport scanner?

Answer tell someone that works there

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How do I install an Airport card in a MacBook?

PreparationChoose a room devoid of carpet or anything else that can generate static electricity before laying the MacBook updside down on a soft cloth on a clean table. Discharge any static from yo... Read More »

How to Fix Airport Card Settings on a MacBook Pro?

The Airport card on MacBook Pro laptop computers allows the system to connect to a wireless Internet connection (although it is called Airport card, you do not need to be in an airport to use the I... Read More »

New Macbook Pro can't connect to AirPort with 2701HG-B Gateway?

The 2Wire ships with WPA encryption enabled - the code is on the router between the { and } its a 10 digit WPA code. The airport card may not like that encryption. First login to the 2701HG-b usin... Read More »

What is the BEST virus scanner and cleaner for my MacBook Pro?

Macs DON'T get viruses. No one has ever developed one that can ever spread through the system, let alone getting one on.