Would moving to a warmer climate help allay the pain of osteoarthritis?

Answer I don't know if this would help with osteoarthritis. My Mom has rheumatoid arthritis, and living in a warm (hot, actually, most of the year) place didn't help her to improve, at all. What helped wa... Read More »

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What are some health reasons to live in a warmer climate?

If you jumped/layed down in front of a moving train; would you pass out from instant pain?

The body goes into instant shock with massive injuries. So you might not feel your severed your leg laying next to you, just before you bleed to death.

What are the treatments for osteoarthritis pain?

Approximately 27 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, a disease that causes the cushioning material in your joints to break down, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prev... Read More »

Can hip osteoarthritis cause pelvic pain?

On One Hand: Hip Osteoarthritis Can Cause Pelvic PainPain, according to Medscape, is the most important symptom of osteoarthritis. In an issue of "Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of No... Read More »