Would it look okay to not wear eyeliner on top if I'm wearing blended eyeshadows?

Answer Eyeshadows look odd without any other eye makeup. But since you'll be wearing mascara, that's perfectly fine. (:

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Do I wear too much eyeliner, or does it look okay?

TOO MUCH EYELINER?Are you serious...Uhh your eyes look're gorgeous.It doesn't even look like you're wearing eyeliner in that picture.You should see ME. I wear alotoh, and go type in scene... Read More »

Would it look ok to wear eyeliner without mascara ?

yes it's totally fine. i only wear mascara for special occasions or when i go out because i hate curling every day and removing it every night. it doesn't look weird. honestly, most people don't ev... Read More »

Is it okay for a boy to wear foundation and eyeliner?

Yes! Get matched professionally to ensure a flawless look.As for eyeliner that's fine too. Personally I wear the blackest of black eyeliner,I think everyone should.Good luck my love!

Do you think it's okay for guys to wear eyeliner?

yes, yes I do. I have quite a few straight guy friends who wear at least eyeliner if not more. I guess it really just depends on the eyes of the guy though and the style the usually rock. If the... Read More »