Would it look all right if i put recessed can lights in my bedroom?

Answer On One Hand: Great Choice for Bedroom LightingRecessed lighting can work well as a supplement to other lighting in your bedroom. Fixed directly over the bed, recessed lighting can offer excellent r... Read More »

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Are recessed lights right for my family room?

On One Hand: Great for AmbianceRecessed lighting can be a great choice for your family room and is widely used by builders today. It creates a "downlighting" look which brings warmth and depth to t... Read More »

How to Uninstall Recessed Lights?

Recessed lights are the type of lights that sit inside the ceiling. You will often see these lights in kitchens, living rooms and baths. The recessed light is used to provide extra lighting or to h... Read More »

How to Change Recessed Lights?

Recessed lighting can change the look of any room, and is the standard in many new homes. Most new homes have recessed lights in areas over countertops. When light bulbs burn out, replacing one i... Read More »

Remodeling: Recessed Lights?

Rooms with recessed lighting can have focused illumination wherever it is needed. These lights can be placed inside closets or along a media wall, for example. Spacing the recessed lighting fixture... Read More »