Would it hurt to have sand in my vagina?

Answer wouldn't hurt as bad as rocks, or fire ants.

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What should you do if the top of the sand filter and the fingers at the bottom have both been replaced but there is still sand in the pool and you have already tried backwashing?

Answer Many people mistake "mustard algae" as sand in their pool. Does the sand briefly disappear when you run a pool brush over it? Mustard algae resettles quickly and looks very much like filte... Read More »

Will it hurt if you ejacolate in a girls vagina?

Does it hurt a girl to stretch her vagina?

The vagina is a very flexible piece of equipment and can be stretched quite a long way before it becomes pain full. After all they are designed to allow a baby through without breaking.

Why Does The Area In Between My Vagina and Stomach Hurt?