Would it be wonderful to have a radio receiver with a screen?

Answer Yes its called Television :)) Actually something similar to that is happening in AUS. We recently changed to digital radio and the radio stations can send info onto the screen such as album info.

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Can anyone help me with the Wonderful Radio Station Trivia for 8/15/09?

Good morning everyone!US99 in Chicagoabc for most triviaI just got up and my birthday hubby is washing my car and filling it thanks Davida for sending Don flowers :)Thanks for the Happy ... Read More »

Does a HD radio/Xm radio/7.1 home theater receiver exist?

It's about $1600.00, but yes, it exists. Here is a link for you to check out the specs for the Integra DTV-9.8.It does look pretty cool, and I was wondering myself if it existed. Awesome question.

Please help me with the correct trivia codes for Wonderful Radio Stations for August 1, 2009?

I agree,i can`t wait until the email is fixed again! Spent 4 hours in the pool with my granddaughters, i don't`know about them, but i will sleep well tonight. Only trivia for 95.3 today.Have a grea... Read More »

Please help me with the correct trivia,artist,Andy's etc for Wonderful Radio Stations for July 31, 2009?

****************************************…95.7 WRIT: MY CLUB, Milwaukee, WIJULY 31, 2009MY SLANG PHRASE = T.T.Y.L. MURPH'S TURF = (Murph's on Vac., no bold word today) MY CLUB NEWSLETTER = FOX SIX... Read More »