Would it be weird to bring my own comp. monitor to work?

Answer Yes, it would be awkward and unorthoxdox. There has to be a reason why your company makes you use laptops. You could bring your own mouse, though.

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Would a tv work better than a monitor for my computer?

No, you'll find that TVs give a slightly blurred image as they're designed for videos, not text. A monitor is much more pixel precise for up-close viewing.

Dual monitor setup, one VGA port. Would USB to DVI work?

Stan I is wrong. USB goes both ways--input AND output. How else would USB printer cables work?There are many brands of USB--to--(whatever port you need) external video adapters on the market for ... Read More »

Would be ok to ask to bring something else if you were asked to bring hot dogs and burgers to a party?

Does your sister in law know that you're vegetarian? If she does it's strange of her to ask you to bring meat. Personally I wouldn't, and would nicely ask if I can bring something else. I don't ... Read More »

Would Monitor Audio R90's work with a LP-2020A+ Amplifier?

I would not recommend it those speakers have low sensitivity at 87 db and are 8 ohm the lepai is only going to put out 10 watts a channel into those speakers which might be OK for back-round music ... Read More »