Would it be weird to bring my own comp. monitor to work?

Answer Yes, it would be awkward and unorthoxdox. There has to be a reason why your company makes you use laptops. You could bring your own mouse, though.

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What is the best way to clean my comp monitor screen?

Do NOT use:Tissues - they will break up and leave fibers on the screen.Paper towels - they are abrasive.Dish detergent - this too is abrasive.Use a soft cloth (cotton or microfiber) dampened with a... Read More »

Is a dimmer or brighter comp monitor better for my eyes?

Hey there im gonna answer you like i answer everyone lol "Im studying PC engineering" and maybe this would help.Your eyes hurt and sometimes you get headaches, am i right?Well if i am then this is ... Read More »

I have 2 monitors, and I need a comp program that can help me view what is on the other monitor?

Hard to say, as there is no clue as to your operating system--Mac, Windows or Linux. Pointless to guess.

What kind of comp monitor is better, regular or flat screen & why.?

Make the call for yourself. Flat Screen (LCD)Pros- Flat screen take up less space, they conserve a hell of a lot engery, look cooler, safer, last longer, brighter pictureCons- ... Read More »