Would it be weird if I wore makeup?

Answer I think if you are nervous about what people will think then just ease into it. So, start with lips and mascara the gradually add more eyeshadow, blush, foundation etc. And who cares what other peo... Read More »

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Would it be weird if a 14 year old wore this shirt?

ewwww, thats ugly. but if you want to wear it do it

Would it be too over the top if I wore makeup to my elementary graduation?

Just put on some mascara ,pink "LIGHT" blush,some lip gloss,and if your hair is short just straighten it.If you have long hair like past your shoulders & have bangs , curl the bangs and straighten ... Read More »

Would these makeup products ruin a 13 year olds skin if she wore them everyday?

Just make sure each night before bed the products are completely washed off. Also, by using a primer under the makeup products your skin will be protected. Primers act as a barrier between your ski... Read More »

Would it be weird not wearing makeup to school if.......................?

I went through the same thing. I wear make-up to work all the time and the one day I didn't I looked "different". It's definitely not weird and totally up to you. If you feel comfortable with yours... Read More »