Would it be safe to buy from this site ?

Answer you will loose your money if you buy from that site.1, there is no contact address, phone number, email address or name.2, there is no encryption on the site, so it's not secure.these 2 things mean... Read More »

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Is this site a safe site to buy from?

Couldn't find them in, but they seem to have a lot of contact info about them and even a myspace page:…Give them a call on your cell and ask about ... Read More »

Is this a really safe site?

would you this site with this ranking…Not Me

Is This A Safe Site To Download From?

The site it self may be safe though that actual file is 0.01KB, which is tiny which suggest there's nothing in the file or if there is, it's going to be unsafe to download.As a general rule, if som... Read More »

Is a safe site?

If this is the site you are talking about it is safe, they are mcafee secure site