Would it be possible to be lethally shocked while replacing a hard drive?

Answer You won't get shocked. Especially if you unplug the computer first. There aren't any capacitors that can hold a charge for more than a few minutes in your computer anyways.

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Replacing my hard drive?

The easiest way would be to clone your current hard drive. Do it while your current hard drive is still the master, and slave up the extra one.And also remember, cheap hard drives are just that, ch... Read More »

How to Copy a Hard Drive Before Replacing It?

Hard drives are becoming larger and more affordable than they used to be. Although it may be time to replace your old hard drive with a new one, you won't want to lose all of your old data from you... Read More »

Replacing corrupted hard drive...installing Windows XP problems..?

If too many files are copied to the root folder of a boot volume that uses the NTFS file system, you may receive the following error message the next time that you restart the computer:NTLDR is mis... Read More »

Will replacing my hard drive on my PC remove all traces of porn i've looked at, and downloaded ?

Yes, for the novice and even expirienced user, it will not be possible to see anything you did on this computer.There are however forensic methods to read data from places like the RAM (memory) or ... Read More »