Would it be okay to drink a bock beer thats been around since 1982?

Answer I drank a beer that was 6 months past its 'best by' made me violently illwhisk(e)y, wine, scotch are meant to drink after they've aged, aging adds to their flavor, and essence ...kinda li... Read More »

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What would i drink since i dont like beer?

First i wouldn't drink just to join a group. Thats the wrong reason, of course i dont think there is a right reason either. I dont like the taste of beer either and im getting tired of mixed drinks... Read More »

Is it okay to drink a juice thats sat in the car and changed colors?

As long as it doesn't smell or taste funny, I wouldn't worry ab out it.

Is it okay to mix beer with period blood and drink it?

Hi Meena,This answer is for entertainment purposes only. First of all, start with the right beer. I recommend Stone IPA: without blood, I had a religi... Read More »

I took 3-4 adderall pills in less than 3-4 hours. I can still feel it and its been 2 days since. Am I okay?

I think you're overthinking it dude.You'll be fine.Some people like being "up",and some can't stand it.If you liked it,take more.If you didn't like it,either give it another try or just leave it al... Read More »