Would it be ok to date my brother's best friend?

Answer Those are perfect ages... But you should talk with your brother because he may know things about the guy ... He may also feel that either of you are good for eachother because he knows you all so w... Read More »

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How can you help your friend find her biological mother with all you have to go by is the name Priscilla Hunt General Hospital Jamestown NY birth date 121960 and adoption date 122560?

Can brothers-in-law date sisters-in-law?

Yes, there is no law against it, so you can. In fact, you can date anyone you want. It is only when people go beyond simple dating to sexual activity and marriage that concerns about close relative... Read More »

Can sister sleep with her brothers best friend?

Depending on the ages of the friend and the sister. Of course adults can sleep with whomever they wish too.

What should I do my brothers really close friend just died and I dont know how to comfort him without him yelling at me?