Would it be ok for a teen to get pregnant if she has everything she needs?

Answer That's the same question I ask myself everyday. I'm 16 and in a great relationship with my boyfriend. He loves me, I love him, and we both have discussed the "baby" issue. He wants to be a father a... Read More »

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What are some question you would ask a teen pregnant girl?

How are you today? Would you like me to carry that for you? I'll get that for you? These are some questions you would ask any pregnant woman because any others might cause offense.

How to Carry a Bag With Everything a Girl Needs?

Whatever the occasion or event, a girl always needs her essentials right there. So why not carry a bag with everything?

Do babies come with everything that she needs?

If you think you are pregnant would you still get cramps like your period was coming around the same time it would come if you were not pregnant?

AnswerCramps, from minor period cramps to severe cramps that make you run to the bathroom constantly, just POSITIVE you have started your period, are very normal! I have three healthy children. Eve... Read More »