Would it be legal if?

Answer Technically, yes. But who's going to find out anyway?Bill Gates wouldn't mind

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In Missouri would it be legal to test drive a car before purchase with a valid license but without insurance and what would your liability be?

Answer Yes. The car dealer is responsible for insurance when cars are test driven. They only need to make certain the potential driver has a valid license.

Would this be illegal or legal?

its your brothers stuffit wouldnt be so badif it was a strangers stuff then yesit can be illegaland mostly if he or she works with cia or government

Would it be legal to use limewire in this situation?

nope, still not legal. do it any way though.really nothing is going to happen to you

If I subscribe to Limewire Pro, would downloads be legal?

No, LP pro is a bit of a rip off - trying to con you into paying for a service which is free.