Would it be illegal?

Answer Suck up your loss and let by gones be by gones. What you are proposing to do could give you more loss than you have all ready experienced.

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Would this be illegal or legal?

its your brothers stuffit wouldnt be so badif it was a strangers stuff then yesit can be illegaland mostly if he or she works with cia or government

Would it be illegal for a friend to pull a tooth out?

This is a grey area between rendering emergency first aid and practicing medicine without a license. I'm not sure where this falls. Maybe you could post this in one of the legal forums and get a mo... Read More »

What Would Make a Residential Appraisal Illegal?

An appraisal is an opinion of value, completed by a certified appraiser on residential property. Lenders require appraisals as part of a real estate transaction to ensure that a buyer is not overpa... Read More »

Would you/have you ever tried illegal drugs?

I love smoking weed, I have tried cocaine and its a social drug that goes well with drinks, tried x befrore and I wasn't to impressed like the cocaine I thought it was going to have this huge effec... Read More »