Would it be helpful to wrap an ace bandage around the leg for varicose veins?

Answer On One Hand: It Is Not an Effective TreatmentIt is not helpful to wrap varicose veins in Ace bandages as a treatment option. Varicose veins require increased circulation to the legs to prevent bloo... Read More »

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What is the correct way to wrap an ace bandage?

An Ace bandage is an elastic bandage usually between 2 and 6 inches wide and 4 and 6 feet long. The purpose of applying an Ace bandage to an extremity is to provide uniform, but gentle pressure to ... Read More »

Do you need to wrap a broken foot with an ace bandage?

A broken foot needs to be wrapped or splinted until you are able to get to the doctor and get it X-Rayed. If it is truly broken, it will need to be put in a cast for a while. For additional First A... Read More »

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