Would it be healthier to live by a coal burning plant or a nuclear power plant?

Answer On One Hand: Coal Plants May Be Tied to CancerAccording to MSNBC, in 2004, coal burning power plants negatively impacted the health of 24,000 residents--2,800 of whom developed cancer. Due to air q... Read More »

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What would the cost of a nuclear fusion power plant be?

Price ranges for the cost of a nuclear fusion power plant range dramatically, depending on the exact parameters of the technology. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor being constru... Read More »

What type of plant would be best to plant along a chain link fence?

How much energy is produced by a coal plant?

Coal plants can produce anywhere from hundreds to thousands of megawatts of energy. These plants vary from single unit to combined-cycle units. For example, the Suwanee Plant in Live Oak, Florida, ... Read More »

How many windmills equal one coal plant?

Using 5-megawatt wind turbines, it would require about 233 turbines to generate the 500 megawatts of a coal plant. Turbines work only during periods of wind, which is about 30 percent of a day. The... Read More »