Would it be healthier to live by a coal burning plant or a nuclear power plant?

Answer On One Hand: Coal Plants May Be Tied to CancerAccording to MSNBC, in 2004, coal burning power plants negatively impacted the health of 24,000 residents--2,800 of whom developed cancer. Due to air q... Read More »

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How many windmills equal one coal plant?

Using 5-megawatt wind turbines, it would require about 233 turbines to generate the 500 megawatts of a coal plant. Turbines work only during periods of wind, which is about 30 percent of a day. The... Read More »

How much energy is produced by a coal plant?

Coal plants can produce anywhere from hundreds to thousands of megawatts of energy. These plants vary from single unit to combined-cycle units. For example, the Suwanee Plant in Live Oak, Florida, ... Read More »

Does pulling the first flowers off of a tomato plant encourage healthier growth?

Many successful tomato growers remove the first flowers that appear on the tomato plant in order to promote strong, healthy growth. Pulling off these early flowers will encourage the plant to use e... Read More »

What is the Burning Love Plant?

Burning love flower, also called the Maltese or Jerusalem cross, is a perennial with hairy foliage. Its scientific name is Lychnis chalcedonica. It has clusters of red flowers with four petals in t... Read More »