Would it be harmful to drink a whole bottle of vodka by it self?

Answer how big a bottle? one of those little ones (no harm) or a fifth (plenty harm)?

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Is it safe to drink from an opened bottle of vodka I found in the park?

yeah you should you never know who could've had their lips and saliva on that bottle previous to you . you shouldn't ever drink something open that you don't know who the previous owner was especia... Read More »

If you drink a whole bottle of wine will you get drunk?

Based on your weight, I'd say yes. You'd be pretty hammered - especially if you don't drink frequently.

Does it really matter if i drink a whole bottle of wine to myself in less than an hour?

It's YOUR wine, YOUR stomach, and more importantly, YOUR LIVER that will suffer, so should I be bovvered? NO ! ! !

What would happen if a person drunk a whole bottle of shampoo?

They would get really sick, get some kind of poisoning. Then , you would have to call poison control. Not a good idea.